• 1. Pick up Tollfee#
    or local #
  • 2. Set up your
    custom greetings
  • 3. Configure extensions and
    add departments
  • 4. Rout your Call from
    Everywhere & Read Your Voicemails

It Simples

You select a toll-free or local business number. We'll record a custom greeting with a menu of extensions. Then you decide where calls get routed and when. Your callers will only see your business number - no matter where you have the calls routed. You'll sound professional to every caller. And you'll never miss an important call again. Here's a look at how easy it can be:.

Set up Your Custom Greetings

Your Auto Attendant answers every call, 24/7, with a professionally recorded greeting, customized for your business. Your greeting includes custom menu options with multiple Extensions, to help guide callers to the right person or department even if all of those extensions simply forward to your voicemail. Now every caller to your business phone number will hear your professional greeting and be able to quickly find the right person or department in your business.

Configure Extensions and Add Departments

You can then create a menu of Extensions for your business - Sales or Customer Service, for example, or for specific employees (no matter where they're based).

Rout Your Call from Everywhere

Route Your Calls Anywhere, Even to Multiple Numbers Simultaneously NumbersWarehouse Call Routing lets you route calls to wherever your business takes you and your colleagues. You can set rules for specific callers, or calls at specific times, to route to any sequence of numbers - or to multiple numbers at once. This flexibility lets you truly make your business mobile - allowing you to take business calls anywhere: home, office or on the road.

Read Your Voicemails: Emailed to You as MP3s and Text Transcriptions.

With Voicemail-to-Text, eVoice transcribes your messages and sends them to you by email or text. And with Voicemail-to-Email, eVoice converts your voicemail to an audio file and sends it immediately to your email address - so you can listen to and forward your messages easily, even if you don't have your phone.






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